We are over the moon about our headliner: it's HWASA!

HWASA’s name is Ahn Hyejin and she is a singer and rapper. In your group Mamamoo, she is maknae, the youngest in the group.
Her song “Maria” is streamed over 100,000 times a day. She has incredible charisma on stage and in interviews.

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Even more super acts are coming your way in the coming weeks! Follow us on…

Finally celebrate with the community again!

We’re bringing your idols to Germany for a big tour in November. But that’s not enough for us:

At KPOP Fusion you might first take part in or watch the random dance. Of course, you can also take a first look at the international “KPOP Exhibition,” which will bring you even closer to Korean pop culture in 2025. In any case, you will enjoy the diversity of your community. In the coming weeks you will find out what we have planned for you.

Your KPOP DJ will get you and the concert hall in starting position.

Then our rookie gets a chance. Maybe this will be your future idol. The mood reaches a new level. And above all, it is one thing: expectant.

And then your heart will beat faster and the whole mood changes.

The boundless energy and diversity of our three main acts will carry you away. And the hall will shake. Because your idols will do their best for you. Be there and look forward to a truly outstanding experience.

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November. Nine cities. Your idols.

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Karte englisch

Hanover,2 November 2024Mannheim,4 November 2024Nuremberg,6 November 2024Dortmund,8 November 2024Munich,10 November 2024Leipzig,12 November 2024Kempten,14 November 2024Cologne,17 November 2024Hamburg,19 November 2024

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November. Nine cities. Your idols.

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

Karte englisch

Hanover, 2 November 2024Mannheim, 4 November 2024Nuremberg, 6 November 2024Dortmund, 8 November 2024Munich, 10 November 2024Leipzig, 12 November 2024Kempten, 14 November 2024Cologne, 17 November 2024Hamburg, 19 November 2024

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    Your chance for an unforgettable experience.

    Write history with us. Immerse yourself live in the KPOP world. Meet your community, which will be represented by over 50 nations. Show yourself and everyone that the love of music knows no boundaries and enjoy the togetherness that comes from this strong fan base.

    We are looking forward to see you.

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