AB6IX, formed by Brand New Music, debuted on May 22, 2019 and has since won multiple awards, including “Best Male Group of the Year” at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards.

The AB in AB6IX is short for “ABSOLUTE,” meaning that the entire lineup achieves absolute perfection once the five members and fan base are together. Their name is also short for “ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX,” which implies the hope that the members and their fans will open new horizons for Brand New Music.

Since their debut in 2019, AB6IX has released eight EP albums. The first album B:Complete, with titles such as “Breathe,” “Shining Stars,” and “Blind For Love,” features seven tracks that combine the works of all five members who come from very different musical backgrounds. It is this diversity that characterizes the incomparable sound and lyrical depth of AB6SIX songs to this day.

The first single from AB6IX’s eighth EP, “The Future is Ours: Found”, was released in January 2024. “Grab Me” addresses hope and support in overcoming crises and conveys this with energetic guitar sounds and typical elements from pop, rock and dance.

The current top song on Spotify is “Breathe” with over 27 million streams.

The name of the fandom is “ABNEW”.

The group originally started with five members: Youngmin and Donghyun from MXM, former Wanna One members Daehwi and Woojin, and Jeon Woong, who was known as JYP and YG Trainee. Youngmin left in June 2020 and since then AB6IX has continued its activities as a quartet – and has stuck with its name.

Lee Daehwi (이대휘), Daehwi – born January 29, 2001
lead dancer, lead vocalist, center, visual, main producer and maknae

Park Woo-jin (박우진), Woojin – born November 2, 1999
main rapper, main dancer and vocalist

Kim Dong Hyun (김동현), Donghyun – born September 17, 1998
lead vocalist and visual

Jeon Woong (전웅), Woong – born October 15, 1997
main vocalist and lead dancer