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Your KPOP Fusion – so that you can attend your event in a relaxed manner, we have summarized the most important questions and answers for you here:

The tour takes place in the first three weeks of November and this is the tour schedule. The links to the relevant rules for the individual arenas/halls are directly below. Here you will find everything you need to know about your event:

02.11.2024 – Hanover
04.11.2024 – Mannheim

06.11.2024 – Nuremberg

08.11.2024 – Dortmund

10.11.2024 – Munich

12.11.2024 – Leipzig

14.11.2024 – Kempten

17.11.2024 – Cologne

19.11.2024 – Hamburg
Barclays Arena

You can find tickets for your city here
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Golden Fusion Circle
A separate waiting area/queue will be set up for the FOS (Golden Fusion Circle) area. This will ensure an orderly and systematic process on the day of the event. Our trained and experienced staff will organize entry – please help to ensure that this runs smoothly.

Can I book a package with overnight accommodation?
Hotel offers are available through Ticketmaster and Travelcircus.

When will the tickets be sent?
You will receive your e-tickets by email immediately after full payment. Please save them on your mobile phone and make sure that the battery has enough capacity when you enter.

IMPORTANT: There are ONLY mobile tickets. The tickets cannot be printed out.

What age restrictions are there?
You can simply attend from the age of 16. If you are under 16, either a parent or an adult accompanying person must be there, including permission from a legal guardian.

Children under the age of six are not allowed to enter KPOP Fusion.

Form for approval

Can I cancel my order?
Cancellations are possible in exceptional cases. The ticket conditions of Ticketmaster Germany and those of the organizer apply.

Do the tickets remain valid if the event is canceled?
If the event is postponed, the tickets remain valid. If the event is canceled, all ticket buyers will receive a refund.