HWASA, Ahn Hyejin (안혜진), is an internationally acclaimed singer, rapper and songwriter.

Her stage name “Hwasa” means “bright shining” in Korean. She chose this name because her birth name, Hyejin, is very common in Korea.

In 2014, she debuted on the music scene as the youngest member of her girl group. Since then, she has been wowing audiences with her distinctive voice, confident stage presence, strong personality and musical talent.

The song “Don’t give it to me”, released in 2018 together with rapper Loco, was nominated for the Best Ballad Song Award. In the same year, she won the Hot Trend Award at the Melon Music Awards.

In 2019, she stormed the charts as a solo artist with her first single “Twit”, followed by another solo hit “Maria” from her first solo EP of the same name, which topped major local music charts.

“Maria” earned her a Gaon Chart platinum certification and the award for Best Solo Performance at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

In June 2023, HWASA moved to the up-and-coming label P NATION, which is managed by “Gangnam Style” king PSY, where she is signed as a soloist.

Her current top song on Spotify is “Maria” with over 280 million streams, but “Physical” feat. HWASA surpasses this with over 966 million streams.

In keeping with her first solo hit “Twits”, her fandom name is “TWITS”.