KARD, founded in autumn 2016, released their six-track debut EP “Hola Hola” in July 2017. Just weeks later, the international Wild Kard Tour took place, with five European and five North American dates each, and the second EP “You & Me” was also released in November of the same year. More successful EPs followed and their sixth album “Icky” was released in May 2023.

Not least because of their preference for live performances and stage shows, this best-known mixed KPOP group, consisting of two men and two women, inspires their international fan base.

With powerful beats, KARD combines genres such as hip-hop, EDM or Latin American music in a unique way to create rousing songs. Each member of KARD brings their own talents through singing, rapping or dancing, so that they complement each other perfectly and form a harmonious unit.

The group is signed to DSP Media and their chart-topping song “Icky” has over 31 million streams on Spotify.

Each member is assigned a letter and also a playing card: Ace of Spades (J.Seph), King of Clubs (BM), Black Joker of Hearts (Somin), and Color Joker of Diamonds (Jiwoo). “D” stands for a hidden card and can have various meanings, from a song to an artist; for example, Heo Young-ji of KARA, who starred in “Oh NaNa,” was the song’s hidden card.

The fandom name is therefore aptly chosen “Hidden KARD.”

Matthew Kim (매튜김), known as BM – born October 20, 1992; represents the letter K in KARD
lead rapper and main dancer

J. Seph (제이셉) – born June 21, 1992; represents the letter A in KARD
main rapper and lead dancer

Jeon Somin (전소민) – born August 22, 1996; she represents the letter R in KARD
main vocalist and visual

Jeon Jiwoo (전지우) – born October 4, 1996; she represents the letter R in KARD
main dancer, lead vocalist and maknae